Behroze Sabzwari diagnosed with Covid-19

With Covid-19 cases on the rise in Pakistan, we're once again hearing more about celebrities who have also contracted novel virus.

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Veteran actor Behroze Sabzwari unfortunately happens to be one of them; he is currently hospitalised and under observation after testing positive six days ago.


Confirming the news to Dawn, he shared that he has been admiited in Ziauddin Hospital’s ICU, before adding that he is feeling much better now and asked fans to pray for his speedy recovery.


Speaking to Images, his son, Shahroz Sabzwari shared: “He’s doing well now. He’s at the hospital because it’s just better if he’s around medical care just in case. If you want to save yourself, wear a mask. And if you do happen to get it, don’t delay getting help. As soon as his symptoms showed up, we took him to the hospital because he’s 63. InshaAllah, he’ll be home in a day or two. Remember us in your prayers.”


Other Pakistani celebrities who had also tested positive for Covid include Rubina Ashraf, Jawad Ahmed, Usman Mukhtar, Nida Yasir, Danish Nawaz, Vasay Chaudhry and Alyzeh Gabol to name a few.


In the wake of the second wave across the country, the government has imposed a number of restrictions and made it mandatory to wear a face mask.


The government has also ordered a ban on wedding ceremonies in halls to curb the epidemic and closed educational institutions from November 26.