COVID-19 And Its Impact On A Medical Student’s Learning By: Doctor Of Optometry Javeria Khan University Of Lahore

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COVID-19 has had a global impact on the population, economy, healthcare systems, education and much more. Medical schools are delivering the education through new methods of virtual learning.




However, this cannot compensate the clinical based learning. Novel ways of online teaching must consider the methods of delivering practical skills to the medicos.




The coronavirus pandemic has affected the medical education globally. This pandemic has had affected the medical students clinical learning badly. These changes may seem relatively minor as




compared to the global pandemic but it can cause drastic turning points in the careers of many.




Clinical practice is the major tool for a medical student to make their medical skills perfect and to
provide the patient best medical care possible.




Physical presence of a medical student in the hospital is extremely important so that they can interact with the patients and to understand the patient’s cheif complaint.




They able to provide the appropriate treatment, considering the fact that there is no room for even a minor mistake.




But due to the thorough lockdown students are unable to go for their practice in the hospitals. Government and the medical education committees decided to provide the theoretical as well as practical teaching via online teaching apps, as the health of all the students is a priority.




Initially this teaching method was all about the trial and error but now it is improving as time goes by.




Since, the virtual teaching and learning is dependent on the availability of the internet and IT equipments, it makes difficult for some professors and students who are living in remote areas where the internet facility is not as good or simply not available.




That is causing a major problem for the teaching faculty and the students both. Also you have to bear in mind that the study environment of the medical schools is far different from the study environment of home. Students got distracted by the continuous interruptions.




Also the students have complaints of not getting the concepts of clinical based curriculum.
This is certainly a tough time for the humanity but the world will overcome this as all of us are striving for the same goal which is to get rid of COVID-19.



Universities and the other educational institutes are planning to re open following standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the students are hoping to learn the proper clinical work efficiently. Till then we just have to follow the guidelines of the authorities and keep ourselves safe.